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Writing a Winning Post Interview Thank-You Note

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Female employer interviewing male candidate, illustrating interview tips for neurodivergent and autistic talent

Interview Tips for Autistic and Neurodivergent Talent

Believe it or not, a job interview is often the biggest stumbling block for autistic and neurodivergent talent. We went around the room and asked members of our SourceAbled..

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A human looking at the future with a print of green nature on it represents the green jobs - the present and the future

Green Collar Jobs: The Present and Future

Nature and work are fundamentally connected. While our lives depend on the natural environment, our business activities and jobs depend on a healthy planet. Over the last decade,..

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Neurodiversity at the workplace is depicted by the human brain amidst five colors

Neurodiversity at Work Report: Analysis

Neurodiversity in Business and Birkbeck University recently released a very interesting report on the state of play of neurodiversity in the workplace in the UK. This survey..

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