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Rangam Talent Network (RTN) is an all-in-one platform for job seekers. RTN connects job seekers with a Rangam recruiter to improve the impact of their resume, practice interview questions, and support them through their job search journey. RTN is a one-stop system to keep track of applications, sign documents, and find that perfect fit for that next position.

How to Apply on Rangam Talent Network (RTN)

Starting your job search has never been easier

The RTN app login screen for job seekers

  1. Create your Profile

    We have a one-step method to create your profile - Just enter your email and upload your resume. Sit back as our software creates a profile for you.

    Skip this step if you want to enter the details yourself.

  2. Apply for Jobs

    Once you’ve created your profile and added your resume, experience, skills and job preferences, you’ll be able to start applying for jobs! You’ll be able to search by location and keywords. You can also filter jobs by remote positions, location radius, and industries.

  3. Talk with experts

    Ask questions about your application or needing any support, we’re here to help.

You can also apply for jobs on the go, with our Rangam Talent Network App!

Frequently asked questions

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