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Job seeker-employer network with candidate being pointed at. On the left center, branding of Rangam Talent Network with the text, ‘Dream. Discover. Deliver.’ On the right side, there's a word cloud with words like career, teamwork, management, talent, network, people, ideas, job, recruitment, employment, skills, and so on

Rangam Talent Network (RTN) is an all-in-one platform for jobseekers. RTN connects jobseekers with a Rangam recruiter to improve the impact of their resume, practice interview questions, and support them through their job search journey. RTN is a one stop system to keep track of applications, sign documents, and find that perfect fit for that next position.

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Your Personalized Dashboard

In your dashboard, you can manage your job applications, track upcoming interviews, and review recommended positions based on your skills.


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Search Made Easy!

Search for jobs based on job title or keywords and location. Stay up to date on new open positions with recent search notifications.


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Applying For Jobs Simplified!

Keep track of the status of your job applications and stay informed on next steps.


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Sign All Your Documents Digitally!

Once you have accepted a position, keep track of all the paperwork through the platform. Sign documents digitally and submit through Rangam Talent Network.

Your All-in-One Job Search Platform 

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Elevate Your Job Search

Unlock the full potential of your job search with the all-in-one RTN app. Explore the user-friendly interface, customizable search criteria, personalized job recommendations, and seamless application tracking. Enhance your job search experience now!