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2024 as the Year of Nari Shakti “Power of Women”

This year’s Republic Day parade witnessed the participation of a record number of 13,000 women, reflecting the nation’s growing commitment to women’s empowerment and equality in all spheres of society. What really stood out was the maiden appearance of an all-women Tri-Service contingent representing nari shakti.

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The strong push to build an India of empowered women has clearly rubbed off on India Inc. In 2023, Indian organizations witnessed a significant increase in gender diversity, with women's representation in the workforce rising to 26%, up from 21% in 2021. This increase is particularly notable in top workplaces, where the number of women employed is 17% higher than in other organizations. Sectors like education & training and non-profit and charity organizations show higher gender diversity, with female representation at 45% and 47%, respectively. However, industries like transportation and manufacturing & production still have lower gender diversity, with 13% and 9% female representation, respectively​​.

Additionally, corporate India is focusing on gender diversity and is set to hire more women. Leading IT, consulting, and financial organizations as well as multinational conglomerates are ramping up their efforts to attract more women employees by implementing initiatives like flexible schedules and mentorship programs. These efforts also extend to hiring those returning to work after a career break​​.

Sources: National Herald, Business Standard

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Rangam and Gender Diversity

Rangam celebrates the rich tapestry of India's cultures and believes in the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation. Our commitment to gender diversity reflects our belief that every voice should be heard and valued. Join us in weaving a future where diversity is not just a corporate goal but an expression of our shared humanity.

Rangam’s efforts to advance gender diversity focus on:

  • Challenging stereotypes
  • Breaking barriers
  • Providing equal opportunities
  • Promoting inclusive communication

We take pride in our commitment to gender diversity at every level. Women make up 50% of our leadership team, illustrating our dedication to equal representation in decision-making roles. Additionally, women constitute 45% of our employees, which goes to show our endeavor to achieve a gender-balanced environment. Furthermore, with regard to our consultancy roles, 49% are filled by women, showcasing our commitment to an inclusive professional network. These numbers reflect our unwavering effort to cultivate an equitable and diverse workplace.


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