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Disability Etiquette in the Workplace

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A multicolored infinity symbol set against a vibrant yellow background, representing the message 'Autism is Awesome

Autism Is Awesome

Celebrating the uniqueness of neurodivergent individuals or those with autism is the new trend, and that’s here to stay for all the right reasons. Over the past few years, people..

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Image of a book page with 'Empathy' highlighted in green

Autism Diagnosis in the UK

Diagnoses of autism spectrum condition (ASC), over the course of several years, have been increasing in the UK. A 2021 study by Newcastle University in collaboration with the..

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Text: 'Removing barriers for inclusive workplaces' (left) with tools/resources (right) on a blue background

Disability Inclusion: Breaking Barriers for Success

Disability inclusion is an integral part of any organization's D&I strategy. We recently conducted a LinkedIn poll on disability inclusion, where 59% of voters believed that..

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Three job seekers - two women and a man - symbolizing the rights of autistic job seekers

Know Your Rights as an Autistic Job Seeker

According to the National Autistic Society, around 700,000 are diagnosed with autism in the UK. In the past decade there have been many awareness campaigns to help employers..

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Image: Two women and two men in discussion, symbolizing P&G's disability inclusion journey

P&G’s Disability Inclusion Journey

One of the most notable disability inclusion trends in today’s corporate landscape is the emergence of employee resource groups (ERGs), i.e., cross-functional working groups where..

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Female employer interviewing male candidate, illustrating interview tips for neurodivergent and autistic talent

Interview Tips for Autistic and Neurodivergent Talent

Believe it or not, a job interview is often the biggest stumbling block for autistic and neurodivergent talent. We went around the room and asked members of our SourceAbled..

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Diagonal arrangement of five colors (red, yellow, white, blue, and green) on a grey background symbolizes disability pride

What Disability Pride Means to Me

This article was originally published by Melissa Mooney, EMEA Project Coordinator at Rangam. Melissa is a proud Autistic self-advocate, and she likes discussing all things..

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A woman in a wheelchair, leaning against a wall, reflects weariness toward the rising workplace disability discrimination

Why Are Disability Discrimination Cases in the Workplace Rising?

This month, the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), a body which handles disputes filed under employment law in Ireland, released their annual report for 2021. Interestingly,..

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A collage featuring 3 women and 2 men, representing advocates for Black disability empowerment

5 Black Disability Self-Advocates to Follow

This month, we celebrate Black History Month in the UK! Intersectionality is an integral part of the Disabled experience which unfortunately is still notably underrepresented in..

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