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Improving Work-Life Balance for Working Indian Mothers

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Two diverse women exchange a high-five with two colleagues, emphasizing workplace mental health

Mental Health in the Workplace: A Journey of Mutual Support and Growth (Part II)

This is a follow-up to our previous blog post, where we introduced you to the mental health journey of Chen, a resilient individual facing anxiety and depression. Today, we..

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Three working women motivate a colleague, highlighting the importance of mental health in the workplace

How to Support Coworkers through Mental Health Challenges (Part I)

Whenever Alma asks her coworker, Chen, how she’s doing, she receives the same answer: "Fine." However, as her desk neighbor and friend, Alma knows that "fine" is far from the..

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Workplace stress depicted by a woman sitting at the table underscores mental health importance

Promoting Mental Health in All Work Environments

Sitting alone in her home office, Eleanor Moore stared blankly at her laptop screen. A number of spreadsheets were open in front of her, and work had been piling up over the past..

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Neurodiversity at the workplace is depicted by the human brain amidst five colors

Neurodiversity at Work Report: Analysis

Neurodiversity in Business and Birkbeck University recently released a very interesting report on the state of play of neurodiversity in the workplace in the UK. This survey..

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