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Being Sensitive to People on the Autism Spectrum

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The U.S. flag displayed alongside the symbols of the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marines against a camouflage background

Remembering the League of Extraordinary Women

They waited.

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Pouring a cup of coffee from a jug into a mug

Five Lessons That Failure Teaches

Do we highlight our trials, tribulations, and setbacks with the same amount of passion that we expend when celebrating our successes, Not so much. Success comes with a..

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Selfie with a focus on the phone's rear

Self-Promotion Isn't Necessarily Bad (And How To Do It Well)

Most parents tell their kids that it's uncouth to brag. However, when it comes to designing marketing and branding strategies, a moderate indulgence in self-promotion isn't..

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Three vibrant highlighters in pink, green, and blue

Three Actionable Ways to Foster a Culture of Empathy in the Workplace

A growing number of organizations?small and big?are recognizing the benefits of embracing a culture of empathy in the workplace. Empathy reduces stress, improves mood, promotes..

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Colorful paper boats

How Similar or Different are Management and Leadership

Management and leadership are often considered the same in many organizations. Though the two share a number of similar traits, they differ in the sense that while all leaders are..

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Five Ways a Leader Can Prepare Their Team for an Unplanned Change

Unplanned changes are usually a result of unforeseen circumstances. Since they come unannounced, it's important to have contingency plans in place to deal with them without..

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Black & white picture of 3 business leaders

Five Things the Business World Learned from 9/11

The September 11, 2001 attacks not only had a huge impact on the US economy and society, but also affected businesses worldwide. About 18,000 small businesses in the Lower..

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A diverse audience engaged in a presentation led by a single presenter

10 Ideas to Observe NDEAM and Raise Disability Employment Awareness at Work

The US Department of Labor has chosen The Right Talent, Right Now theme to observe the National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this year. Back in 1988, the US..

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Picture of Kodi Lee telling his story

The Incredible Story of Kodi Lee

American pianist, singer and songwriter Kodi Taehyun Lee has been crowned the champion of the latest season of popular TV show America’s Got Talent (AGT). Kodi has won an award of..

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