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The ABCs of Temping

Rangam Aug 10, 2023 5:22:08 AM
A handful of professionals in an office lobby

Temporary jobs, often known in the industry as temping work, have fast emerged as a viable employment option for both employers and employees. While recruiters can evaluate candidate suitability for various job roles, those seeking temping opportunities get to work for an employer of repute. This acts as a very good selling point for both recruiters and potential candidates.The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, under the current economic scenario, has indicated a rising trend for companies creating temporary jobs.

Many economists and labor market experts believe that the increase in temping is in fact temporary. This is because employers are waiting to carve regular positions in their organizations, unsure about the future economic scenario. Others have a more favorable view of temporary employment, arguing that it could present a viable alternative to the permanent job market. With the industry rewarding innovation and risk-taking, it is becoming the norm for employers to create temping opportunities for talented professionals who bring varied experiences and skills to the table, and in doing so, give organizations a competitive edge in the market.

Finding temporary employment: Temping jobs can be landed through recruiting agencies. Some agencies specialize in filling up temporary positions, while others offer them as a parallel service to their regular clients. Many employers post their temporary requirements on job boards and their websites.

Working with a temping agency: Working with a temping agency or staffing firm is often the quickest way to land temporary employment, given that the job aspirant passes the screening test and has the required qualifications.Some agencies specialize in a particular industry or domain (engineering, IT, or light industrial, for instance). Others may specialize in a geographic area. That aside, there are agencies offering general recruitment services, filling up both regular and temporary vacancies for their clients.

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