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Recruitment Marketing: Nurturing Passive Talent

Rangam Aug 10, 2023 5:24:14 AM
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Recruitment marketing is not a new term in human resource (HR) management. It is the tactics and strategy used by a company to source, manage, and train passive talent before they apply for a job.

Take the marketing route to passive talent acquisition.Professional recruiters of today think like marketers and consider potential candidates as customers. This involves generating awareness, confidence, and trust and engaging them in the organization?s brand that is designed to cast a wider net among potential talent pools. The talent out there may or may not be looking for a new job. When such a marketing campaign is running effectively, candidates that are passively searching for better opportunities tend to remember the company.  Imprinting of a brand name in the minds of passive talent is what makes recruitment marketing work. 

Attract talent through a meaningful online and digital presence.Consumers are unlikely to buy online from a website that is not user-friendly. The same consumer behavior applies to the talent acquisition space as well. Just like a consumer, someone looking for a job will obviously do their research on the internet before deciding whether to join a company. A streamlined and easily navigable website will better engage candidates to explore and act. That aside, establishing a regular presence on social media helps a business connect with a vast network of talent.Having a mobile app that helps candidates find jobs is another cool way to engage millennials and gen zers who want everything at their fingertips. 

Nurture talent.Communicating with candidates through a proper message with the right pitch is a major component of recruitment marketing. Email marketing is one the best practices to engage job seekers. It helps to have high-quality content with videos, images, and a clear call-to-action.Personalized and strategic talent nurturing campaigns make it easier to disseminate valuable and relevant content to each segment of talent. For instance, interview tips for freshers will be useful for graduating students, while highlighting career achievements would work well for mid-level executives.

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