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Want to Be Uber Productive at Work? Take a Break

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Laptop screen displaying 'BRAND' surrounded by coffee, headphones, and a phone

Five Tips for Effective Employer Branding

Today is competitive labor market requires organizations to enhance their game and stay as an employer of choice. Competition to hire the best talent is at an all-time high, and..

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Recruiters greeting the candidate

Role of MSPs in Contingent Staffing

Leveraging highly specialized workers to increase efficiency has been a human resource (HR) practice for several centuries now. While this division of labor was first theorized by..

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Man's hand grasping a crystal ball

Looking at the Contingent Staffing Crystal Ball

A booming economy and historically low unemployment rates are all good news for economists. But these factors have an immediate and profound impact on talent acquisition,..

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Graphic celebrating International Women's Day

What Does International Women's Day Mean to Rangam?

As a woman-owned business, Rangam has always been supportive of its women employees, consultants, customers, and partners. We not only offer employee-friendly work arrangements..

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Five suspended lamps, one gently swaying against a blue backdrop

Role of Technology in Contingent Labor Market

Hiring of contingent labor has significantly risen in almost all industries in the past few years. Human resource (HR) experts have predicted that the contingent labor market..

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A diverse group smiling together

Managing a Contingent Workforce

With a steady rise in contingent work arrangements in the US and elsewhere, employers have started to realize the value of hiring independent contractual workers. The appeal of..

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A female and robot pointing at each other

Retaining the Human Touch While Using Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

Companies often lament the paucity of skills duringtalent acquisition. Scarcity is a mindset that stifles innovation and makes itdifficult for many companies to look in the right..

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Colorful sharp pencils with its sharping dust

History and Significance of Autism Awareness Month

Organizations and individuals across the world, every year, observe April as Autism Awareness Month. Events are held to raise public awareness and educate local communities about..

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Blue puzzle piece with the human brain representing autism

Whether or Not to Disclose Autism at Work

From filling out lengthy application forms to mustering up confidence for an interview, job hunting can be stressful. It can be a little more stressful for people with autism as..

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