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Autism Is Awesome

Rangam Aug 7, 2023 5:37:34 AM
A multicolored infinity symbol set against a vibrant yellow background, representing the message 'Autism is Awesome

Celebrating the uniqueness of neurodivergent individuals or those with autism is the new trend, and that’s here to stay for all the right reasons.

Over the past few years, people have recognized autism as a welcome difference that doesn’t require normalization.

Autism is truly a natural human brain variation and not a disease to be cured. These individuals are born with many unique characteristics that work as both rewards and challenges, as is the case with everyone else.

The most radical thing one can do for individuals with autism is to accept them exactly the way they are, with all their abilities and uniqueness. And take it beyond to celebrate them and their neurodiversity.

Indeed, individuals with autism have their own challenges in life, but they don’t need ‘fixing’. All they need is acceptance and support.

Autistic Pride Day

Often individuals with autism experience social rejections. Society fails to support inclusion, understanding, and acceptance. Autistic Pride Day, which is observed annually on June 18, celebrates autism for what it is.

According to Joseph Redford, an organizer of London Autistic Pride, “Every pride movement is different, and every Autistic Pride event is different and what works for autistic people will be different to what works for other groups. It’s a fundamental trait of many autistic people not to conform socially, so any movement that accurately reflects the autistic community needs to reflect the individuality of each autistic person.”

People with autism are gifted individuals full of diverse talents, skills, and knowledge to conquer challenges.

Rangam’s Pledge

It’s time we created a world where everyone is celebrated equally, a world where differences are embraced and barriers to equal opportunities are knocked down.

This level of acceptance and inclusion can bring DE&I to life in our workplaces.

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