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The Unspoken Barriers to Women's Workplace Equity and Inclusion

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Are DEI Initiatives Driven by Fear? A Personal Reflection on the True Motivations Behind Workplace Inclusion

This blog is written by Sumit Agarwal, a DEI advisor to Fortune 500 companies and one of LinkedIn's Top Voices. Born with cerebral palsy, Sumit has never let his disability impede..

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7 Diversity Recruiting Strategies to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts

Incorporating diversity into your recruiting strategies is not only a moral imperative but also a business necessity. Diverse teams drive innovation, creativity, and improved..

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Embracing Diversity in Hiring: A Pathway to Guaranteed Organizational Success

Incorporating diversity into your hiring processes is surely a challenging task these days. While there is an endless range of DEI recruiting techniques to choose from, I've..

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Indian GCCs Steering Gender Diversity in Tier-II Cities

Global capability centers (GCCs) are leading the charge for gender diversity in corporate India with more than 28% women in their workforce. A recent survey by Pure Storage and..

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Navigating Obstacles: Women's Journey Towards the Workplace

Given that women face persistent challenges in the workplace, there's a critical need for systemic change to ensure equal opportunities for all, writes Shweta Singh, a proud..

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Motherhood Matters: Why Embracing Motherhood is a Win for Organizations

Did you know that millions of mothers make the heart-wrenching decision to step away from their careers every year? And while some eventually find their way back, many don't. So,..

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Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Family Pressures and Championing Women's Representation in the Workplace

In the outskirts of Pune lived Kalpana, a young woman with dreams larger than the region’s high terrains. Her aspirations were not just figments of imagination but fueled by a..

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Gender Diversity in Rural India

Women play a key role in India's rural economy as farmers, wage earners, and entrepreneurs. They also take on the responsibility of looking after their families, by caring for..

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7 Effective Strategies for Promoting Gender Equality in Hiring

Every corner of India has always been talking about gender equality, and the progress we've made in the recent decade is commendable.

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