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Employment in the Time of COVID-19

Rangam Aug 7, 2023 6:56:59 AM
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Despite the unprecedented global lockdown due to the coronavirus situation, we all understand the need to continue making a living and keeping a positive attitude in the workplace. Even during these times, companies are looking to fill positions and candidates are seeking career opportunities. If there was a time to use the power of technology to help ease the anxiety and stress associated with a job search, it would be now. At Rangam, we are doing everything we can to support our candidates and consultants. We have added a new onboarding module to our Rangam Talent Network mobile app. We have also ensured that candidates can sign their documents digitally to reduce paperwork and save time. Our objective is to let our candidates focus on more urgent issues at hand and leave their employment-related concerns for us.

The following are a few of the intuitive features that keep life simple for job seekers and recruiters:

1. Real-time tracking of the onboarding process
2. Mobile-friendly interface to sign and send documents digitally and securely from any device
3. Completed forms can be downloaded separately
4. Employment track record
5. Documents management and status indicator
6. Instant online recruiter access
7. Dedicated candidate concierge

This is what our candidates are saying about Rangam Talent Network:

  • • Better end-user experience
  • • Faster turnaround time
  • • Improved data accuracy
  • • Higher completion rates

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Stay safe and stay well. 

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