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The A-Z of Inclusion

Rangam Aug 3, 2023 7:36:41 AM
Bold 'Inclusion' text in black against a white background, representing the A to Z of inclusion

The action or state of including is inclusion. There are many articles, blogs, posts and thought pieces written all over about inclusion in all walks of life. When it comes to workplaces, inclusion makes a way larger impact and goes from being just a word to an incredible organization-wide movement of positivity and change. Let us see if you agree with the A-Z of Inclusion we have observed over the years.

Inclusion to a workplace means:

A – Agility

B – Balance

C – Camaraderie

D – Dependability

E – Empathy

F – Fellowship

G – Generosity

H – Humility

I – Impact

J – Judiciousness

K – Kindheartedness

L – Loyalty

M – Mettle

N – Nimbleness

O – Optimism

P – Productive

Q – Quality

R – Resourcefulness

S – Skill

T – Talent

U – Uniqueness

V – Variety

W – Warmth

X – X-factor

Y – Yare

Z – Zeal

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