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Riding the Career Roller Coaster with Resilience and Fortitude

Rangam Aug 1, 2023 6:37:33 AM
A picture of roller coasters illustrates the ups and downs of a career with resilience and fortitude

For individuals looking for a job and those going through the current upheaval in the tech industry, not all is lost. There are great workplaces that are looking for talent. The internet is full of information that a job seeker can use to find an ideal job. These include job boards, blogs, YouTube vlogs, self-help guides, and training programs, among other resources. The most important part in this journey of rediscovery and realignment is played by the person seeking employment.

If you are looking for a job, it is very natural and human to feel distressed and dejected with all the negative news coming in. This is where resilience and fortitude play a role in your well-being. While resilience is the ability to recover or bounce back, fortitude is the positive attitude in which one endures challenges over an uncertain period of time.

Building resilience is a priority for all who are part of the workforce. Resilience helps you adapt to unpredictable and adverse circumstances more easily and effectively while also staying proactively healthy — both physically and mentally.

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