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How Technology is Helping Neurodiverse Employees at Work

Rangam Aug 7, 2023 6:24:06 AM
Neurodiversity and Technology: A Synergetic Handshake

Advanced productivity tools and communication technologies have changed everyone’s life one way or another. For people with autism at work, these tools and technologies provide opportunities to work and interact with others in a way that is more comfortable for them. For instance, visual schedules not only help a person with autism complete their tasks, but also help them in self-care and daily living. For neurodiverse employees, assistive technology means having an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities, stay productive, and become better self-advocates.

Let's see how various technologies are supporting neurodiverse talent.

Portable word processors have full-sized keyboards with LED or LCD screen. They are lightweight, small, and ideal for those who have limited motor skills or find it difficult to write by hand.

Talking word processor is a software program which provides speech feedback. It allows neurodiverse individuals to hear what they have written. This provides an important feedback loop for improving comprehension and organizational skills.

Assistive listening system (ALS) helps neurodiverse people and those on the spectrum hear more clearly.

Visual organizers and supports use graphics and pictures to communicate with people on the spectrum who may face challenges while writing. They are a great tool for team leaders and managers to communicate better with a neurodiverse employee. Video organizers also help people with autism create resumes that showcase their skills in a more vivid way.

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