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Explain Your Job in Fewer Than Five Sentences

Rangam Aug 1, 2023 5:35:21 AM
A recruiter engages in a concise, informative conversation with a job seeker, summarizing his role in under five sentences

"What do you do?" is often the second question people ask after your name. And many of us have a hard time explaining our job beyond the title.

We struggle to explain because we don’t understand our profession well.

To understand your profession better, consider focusing on these three points:

Know what you do and how you do it: When you know your job, you can do it confidently and explain it to anyone in simpler terms.

Understand why you chose this profession: Always be clear about why you chose what you do and how it adds value to your life and to the world around you.

Explore your winning opportunities: No one knows your vision better than you do, so always explore what you can do better and how you can succeed. This gives a strong impression of commitment and passion for your job.

The better you know yourself, the better you understand your work and can explain it to others in a brief and succinct manner.

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