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7 Best Jobs for Military Veterans

Rangam Aug 1, 2023 7:01:32 AM
Employer shakes hands with veteran, representing top jobs for military veterans

Returning to the civilian life after serving in the military is often challenging for veterans. According to a report from the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, nearly 250,000 military veterans prepare to transition to civilian life each year. This means that thousands of professionals need a non-military career to utilize the skills they have learned and honed during their time in the services.

People serving in the military develop skills related to management, leadership, analysis, and attention to detail, which all play valuable roles in the civilian workplace. Here are seven jobs that are highly compatible for military veterans:

  1. Government or public administration

Military veterans often find suitable positions in the government and public administration. There are a wide range of positions that include managing one or more departments, working to promote general welfare of the society, and overseeing the execution of public welfare projects and similar activities. Great leadership and communication skills are a must, which many veterans possess in abundance. Many veterans have the skills and understanding required to navigate these positions.

  1. Emergency response

Military personnel are known to demonstrate exemplary leadership skills, operate well under pressure, and plan ahead for all outcomes. These are all transferable skills that military veterans can apply to emergency response positions. Emergency management teams help cities and communities prepare for disaster response and evacuation. They have to work safely and efficiently under challenging circumstances. These types of positions align well with the field experience that veterans have.

  1. Information systems

This sector offers tremendous opportunities for professional growth and is considered one of the best jobs for military veterans. It’s an excellent career path for those who are technically qualified. Armed forces are hugely technology-driven these days with drones, geo-mapping and similar surveillance equipment being used for reconnaissance. Those who have excellent analytical and decision-making skills can find many opportunities for career growth in information systems after leaving military service.

  1. Nursing

This is a high-demand healthcare sector that offers great career opportunities for military veterans. Nurses in the military are often deployed at field hospitals in a foreign country. They have the experience of working in war-torn areas and under hostile conditions. After returning to their civilian life, nurses can work in the healthcare sector at schools, health centers, and private hospitals. Their experience of working in the military gives them an edge over other candidates.

  1. Criminal justice

Many ex-military personnel pursue criminal justice as a profession after leaving the service. Criminal justice involves maintaining law and order, such as working as a police officer or detective. Their work may involve investigating crimes and brining criminals to book. Veterans can also consider working as independent security consultants. Many companies hire military veterans to head their internal security departments. Criminal justice and similar fields provide lucrative career opportunities for veterans with their previous training and experience.

  1. Defense contractor

A defense contractor typically works with companies that provide equipment for the defense sector. Work may include anything from building guns to data analysis and quality assurance. This is a highly technical field that requires in-depth knowledge of defense systems and secrecy, both of which are very important prerequisites for working in the military.

  1. Finance

Military spending involves public money. Any veteran who has worked in the finance sector of the armed forces knows that every penny spent needs proper financial planning and accounting. Many veterans work as financial consultants or analysts after leaving the services. These professionals, in their civilian career, help people with financial planning and investment consulting. Finance is one of the best jobs for army veterans as it requires an analytical mind.

The training that members of the armed forces receive through their time in the services helps them get high-paying jobs once they return to civilian life. The key is to determine which skills learned while in the military are transferable to civilian careers. This will help veterans uncover the best jobs suited for their skill sets to help them seamlessly enter the civilian workforce and excel.


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