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A professional man represents the top talent by pointing his pointer finger upwards. Right to it is a symbolic and text representation of Talent Concierge


While recruiting acts as the pulse of Rangam, Rangam Cares acts as the heart of the organization. Through the Rangam Cares Talent Concierge program, we deliver the best and the brightest talent to our clients to help them meet their business objectives.

Rangam Cares for contingent workers

The candidates we recruit remain the foundation of our business and client relations. It is important for us to provide a memorable and rewarding “candidate experience” to each consultant we place. We do this by assigning a dedicated member (consultant concierge) of our Rangam Cares team to them. The consultant concierge reaches out to them on a regular basis to be sure they have access to our programs, timesheets, benefits, etc. We continue to measure the performance and ongoing needs of our consultants through a phone- and app-based notification system that allows them to inform us of their attendance (running late and/or absence from work), training, benefits, emergencies, and other key communications. Here is how the process works:

Consultant calls 1-855-RANGAM0 i.e. 1-855-726-4260

Consultant reports absence or sick leave by tapping on a tab on the “Rangam Talent Network” app

Vendor Managers, Account Managers, and Service Delivery Managers assigned to the account receive automated email notifications

Members of the Rangam Cares team provide exceptional customer service to our candidates/consultants and close open cases within 24/48 hours.

Rangam Cares for professional growth

Consultants who continually build on their existing skills while developing new ones are an asset to our clients. We utilize LinkedIn Learning (formerly for online training and also have affiliations with other technical schools, universities, and community colleges that allow us to access online coursework. We also encourage our consultants to attend webinars or any other educational/professional programs to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Rangam Cares for performance evaluation

Our job does not end with placing talent. Members of our Rangam Cares team go the extra mile to ensure that all our workers receive regular performance feedback. We do quarterly reviews of our contingent workers’ performance. A scheduled email is sent out from the “Performance Tracking” module of SourcePros, our mobile- and web-based talent management system, to MSP managers/supervisors. Responses from managers/supervisors are stored in a centralized database.

Rangam Cares for stakeholders’ feedback

We pay close attention to Glassdoor, Google, and other online reviews to continually improve our processes for all stakeholders, including clients, consultants/candidates, and Rangam’s internal staff.

All of our departments have implemented ISO standards for their processes. On a monthly basis, we have review meetings with members of the Rangam Cares team as well as onboarding and delivery teams for each account to discuss Corrective Actions & Preventative Actions (CAPA). We also discuss risk assessments and risk mitigation. This has led to better service delivery across the board.

In addition, Rangam Cares actively promotes green and socially responsible business practices to ensure a healthy future for our communities. We believe that innovative and adaptive decision-making is critical to driving sustainable results in corporate governance and workforce development. Please refer to our ESG disclosure document for more information.