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Rangam History with MSPs

With 25 years of experience developing innovative HR technologies to connect people with all abilities and skill levels to jobs across industries and occupations, Rangam - a go-to staffing partner for Fortune 500 corporations looking to attract and retain the right talent while creating a welcoming workplace culture in which everyone is included and celebrated.

Our innovations and technology facilitate providers to incorporate new data, patterns and learning processes that enable them to help their job-seeking clients find and retain employment both locally and nationwide.

Our Clients

We work with businesses that are committed to improving their autism/disability hiring processes, outcomes, and future directions. Among the leading companies that have signed up to putting disability inclusion on their board agenda are 36 of the FTSE 100 companies, 46 of the Fortune 500 firms, and 28 of the Nikkei. All 500 organizations that signed up have a combined revenue of over US$8 trillion, and over 20 million employees across 36 countries.

Industries We Collaborate With