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Rangam and EmpathifyU Join Forces to Design 'Empathy Strategy' for Inclusion

Rangam Oct 2, 2023 1:09:10 AM

SOMERSET, N.J., Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Rangam, in conjunction with its program, SourceAbled, is proud to announce a new partnership with EmpathifyU. The partnership is designed to inspire an organizational culture that uncovers hidden talent within diverse teams. This is accomplished through a series of timely, unique, future-thinking workshops titled "Embracing an Empathy Strategy for Inclusion."

Attendees of the workshops will experience a journey of understanding by asking: "Who am I? Who are we? What problems are we solving?" The workshops are designed to create learning outcomes that inspire a workplace to develop trusting teams, honest communication, increased civility, and powerful collaboration. The goal is that these developments will lead to a rise in productivity, innovation, and organizational growth.

"We are really excited about this partnership," Rangam President Hetal Parikh and CEO Nish Parikh said in a joint statement. "It will enable both EmpathifyU and Rangam to promote our common mission around empathy and its strategic use in advancing inclusionary and equitable employment practices." They added, "By combining our expertise in DE&I and empathy training, we will be able to provide employers with a platform where they can build and foster a welcoming culture for everyone to succeed."

Embracing neurodiverse talent by diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) leaders is an important initiative that invites uniquely talented team members, who may have been previously ignored, into the workplace. The latest research from Harvard Business Review supports that leaders who are bringing neurodiverse programs to their organization develop a competitive advantage. For diverse talent to thrive inside the workplace, organizations need to train and empower empathetic allies within their teams. This partnership is aimed at facilitating awareness training, education, and inclusion activities.

"As an Empathy Strategist, I am excited," exclaimed Ajit Dodani, EmpathifyU Founder and CEO. "Our core organizational values are so uniquely aligned to bring the message of empathy to support leaders in embracing diverse talent across the world! When we develop solutions for those who have not been traditionally included within the four walls of our organizations, the entire organization benefits," he concluded.

About Rangam
Rangam is a minority-, woman-, and disability-owned workforce solutions company with a mission to promote "Employment for Everyone," including people with disabilities, autism, and neurodivergence as well as veterans. The organization delivers innovative workforce solutions by designing an integrated and inclusive recruiting methodology. Rangam specializes in attracting and retaining talent globally for IT, Engineering, Scientific, Clinical, Healthcare, Administrative, Finance, and Business Professionals categories. To learn more, visit

About SourceAbled
SourceAbled uses a consultative approach of best practices, effective training, and an end-to-end, tech-enabled hiring platform to attract, hire, onboard, support, and retain neurodivergent talent. SourceAbled is a trusted guide through the design, implementation, and sustainability of DE&I in the workplace. It creates an environment in which people with disabilities are well supported, and all employees are valued and feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. To learn more, visit

About EmpathifyU
EmpathifyU is a based in Los Angeles, CA, with a mission is to empower and foster a work culture that delivers a high-quality work-product with team members who value accountability, communicate clearly, have the skills to solve problems, and are surrounded by positive relationships that support a wholesome life - all of this while keeping empathy at the core of all their decision-making. Workshops, Keynotes, Strategy Sessions

About Ajit Dodani
Ajit has had a 20+ year career as a C-Suite executive as a business and finance professional. It is during those years that he realized that the empathy strategy he deployed was the real catalyst to sustainable organizations growth. His expertise and impact in culture change can be seen in both the corporate world with EmpathifyU as well as in the education space as the Board Chair for My Name My Story.
As an Empathy Strategist ©, Ajit's work focuses on empowering leaders to embrace empathy as a superpower to drive personal and organizational success.

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