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Message from Rangam Leadership Team

As we observe World Autism Inclusion this April, Rangam continues to champion the cause of inclusive employment, emphasizing the untapped potential within the autism, neurodivergent, and disabled communities each day throughout the year. Through our SourceAbled program, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate meaningful connections between our diverse talent pool and clients who value and prioritize diversity and inclusion in their workforce. This commitment not only enhances our collective efforts towards a more inclusive society but also aligns with our shared objective of harnessing the full spectrum of human potential, fostering innovation, and driving business success through a diverse and empowered workforce.

Celebrating Autism Inclusion month

Join Rangam's leadership team as they share their insights and experiences on autism inclusion, the future of autism hiring, and the impact of embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. Discover their vision for a world where differences are celebrated and inclusion is woven into the fabric of our society.

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SourceAbled: Untapped Talent Connected

SourceAbled stands as a pioneering force in the realm of inclusive hiring solutions, serving as Rangam's flagship program dedicated to addressing the unique needs of individuals on the autism spectrum, neurodivergent individuals, and those with disabilities. This groundbreaking initiative is more than just a hiring strategy; it embodies a comprehensive, collaborative framework meticulously crafted to nurture, empower, and instill a profound sense of belonging.

SourceAbled enables support agencies and providers to find the best jobs for neurodiverse individuals, gain access to a wide range of career prospects for their candidates, and collaborate closely with hiring managers.


Employing US Vets Conference 2024

April 11, Athletic Club, NY

Employing US Vets Conference 2024, April 11, Athletic Club, NY

Hosted by VETS Indexes, this semi-annual conference includes discussions of best practices and challenges related to veteran employment, recognition of companies going above and beyond for vets and their families, and lots of opportunities to network. The Employing U.S Vets conference is designed to offer attendees actionable tools and information to establish and build upon veteran initiatives. It also provides a great opportunity to network with peers from leading companies, non-profits, government agencies, and others seeking to employ veterans. Learn more

NYNJMSDC 2024 Spring Business Opportunity Exchange

April 17, Newark, NJ

NYNJMSDC 2024 no logo-1

Spend the day with The Council, as we lay out a program jam-packed with sessions designed to expand your business relationships. From inspiring discussions to deep insights from leading diversity officers and minority suppliers, we’re giving businesses across our network the chance to Explore, Build, Succeed and Celebrate. Learn more

2024 DA4S East Coast Conference

April 30, Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, NJ

DA4S  2024 3

Meet pharmaceutical executives, CEO’s of diverse scientific and clinical enterprises, and exciting guest speakers. The conference includes networking, relationship building and to enable small and/or diverse companies in the life sciences to have a higher profile, greater success with meeting with key stakeholders and better return on their investment. Our conferences over the past 16 years have been a terrific opportunity to foster effective, mutually beneficial partnerships between diverse suppliers and large pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Learn more

2024 Neurodiversity in Business Annual Conference

April 16, 155 Bishopsgate, London and Online

2024 Neurodiversity in Business Annual Conference, April 16, 155 Bishopsgate, London and Online

We're delighted to announce our attendance at the 2024 NiB Annual Conference! This event brings together corporate members, partners, and the neurodivergent community to learn, collaborate, and advocate for inclusive workplace practices. 

At Rangam, we value diversity and inclusion. By participating in this conference, we aim to gain insights from experts, network with like-minded individuals, and contribute to creating neuroinclusive workplaces. Learn more

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Awards and Recognitions

Rangam would like to announce that Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has recognized Hetal Parikh, our President & Co-founder, in their 2023 Global Power 150 Women in Staffing program, and Nish Parikh, our CEO & Co-founder, in the 2024 Staffing 100 North America list. These prestigious awards are not just a nod to the exceptional leadership and resilience of our founders; they are a clear indicator of Rangam’s standing in the staffing industry and our unwavering commitment to excellence.

For our clients and potential business partners, this means you are collaborating with a company whose leaders are acknowledged globally for their contributions and forward-thinking approach. This recognition assures that we are well-equipped to deliver high-quality workforce solutions and innovative services that meet your evolving needs. Our leadership’s accolades reflect our dedication to excellence and the strategic advantage we bring to our partnerships, ensuring that we continue to drive value and success for your business.

Congratulations to Hetal and Nish on their well-deserved recognition, and thank you to SIA for acknowledging Rangam’s commitment to shaping the future of staffing. We look forward to promoting our existing relationships and welcoming new partners who wish to leverage our award-winning expertise and services.

2023 Global Power 150 Women in Staffing

2023 Global Power 150 Women in Staffing

2024 Staffing 100 North America

2024 Staffing 100 North America

Autism Inclusion Month - Resources

Explore our insightful blog section for World Autism Inclusion Month, featuring empowering stories and practical tips for autistic individuals and their allies. Discover how we celebrate autism, support inclusive employment, and leverage AI technology for neurodiversity.

blog unlocking opportunities 1000x500 2024

Unlocking Opportunities: Navigating the Job Market When You Have a Disability

Interview Tips for Autistic

Interview Tips for Autistic and Neurodivergent Talent

AI Blog

AI, ChatGPT, and Neurodiversity

Regional Hot Jobs

Check out our Hot Jobs pages for the most recent hot jobs in your region. Register for an account on Rangam Talent Network today to receive notifications on top jobs near you delivered directly to your inbox! 

New Registered LinkedIn Groups

Rangam’s LinkedIn job groups are where we post all the roles we are recruiting for in the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, and North America. All available roles are fully accessible and inclusive. Share these groups with your networks and invite anyone looking for meaningful work across UK, Ireland, India, and North America. Contract and Permanent Roles are available when you join our LinkedIn groups today!

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