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Empathy Learns

EmpathyLearns offers a range of online courses and interactive sessions to enhance understanding and inclusivity for people with disabilities. From foundational courses like Disability Insights to specialized topics like Inclusive Interviewing, we equip your teams with empathy, practical skills, and actionable steps. Embracing diversity in the workforce creates innovation and unique solutions. Choose EmpathyLearns for an inclusive workplace that values the contributions of talented individuals often overlooked. Start your journey towards a more empathetic and diverse culture with us!

Meet The EmpathyLearns Team

John Bryson
Learning and Development Director


John Bryson, Learning & Development Director at Rangam Consultants Inc., strategically designs and launches high-quality learning programs for Rangam employees, clients, community partners and talent that address specific business goals, close performance gaps, and reinforce Rangam’s values of “empathy drives innovation” and “employment for all.” John is a dedicated advocate of disability inclusion and believes that education and empathy are the fundamental ingredients necessary to address systemic barriers and create needed change.

John also serves as a subject-matter expert on Rangam’s client training team, specializing in disability inclusion in the workplace. He leverages his experiences over a 15+ year career in a cross-section of business, education, disability services, vocational rehabilitation, and disability inclusion consulting to provide education on a wealth of topics ranging from instructional design to neurodiversity in the workplace.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Communication degree, and a Master of Science, Education degree from The University of Akron.

John’s guiding belief is that the diversity of our big, human family should be celebrated. We all share a responsibility to expect and prepare for this diversity in our workplaces and communities. EmpathyLearns is our way of championing this ethos, ensuring the message of inclusion and empathy resonates globally.

Rachel Dimowitz
Client Training Specialist


Rachel Dimowitz is the Client Training Specialist at Rangam Consultants, where she develops engaging instructor-led training sessions, talks, workshops, and builds interactive e-learning courses customized to meet her client’s needs. Rachel is recognized as a subject matter expert in the areas of neurodiversity, autism, and disability inclusion, and is known for her unique perspective as a proudly autistic and disabled woman in the workforce.

Passionate about helping other disabled and/or neurodivergent folks find meaningful employment, Rachel draws upon lived experience in all her sessions. Rachel narrates the Empathy Learns E-Learning courses by weaving together personal stories with the latest research. Her ability to distill complex topics with nuance is what most of our customers are most enthralled by. She also partners with Rangam clients to tailor presentations for audiences of any size and region of the world.

Rachel holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management from Northeastern University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Sustainability from Hunter College. Outside of work, Rachel has special interests in creating art and music, surrealism, gardening, and learning about quantum mechanics.

Our Unique EmpathyLearns Courses


Disability Insights & Understanding

In this course you will learn about the inclusion of those with disabilities. This involves understanding different disabilities breaking stereotypes, communicating well and offering support. By completing this course, you will learn how to make a real difference in creating a more inclusive society for people with disabilities.
Course 2

Neurodiversity: Insights & Understanding

In this course you will learn and understand accepting differences in the workplace. This involves learning about the strengths of people with different minds and how to foster a workplace where everyone feels included. This is an important course for leaders and teams who want to make their workplace more friendly and inclusive for everyone.
Course 3

Autism: Insights & Understanding

In this course you will learn more about autism and how autism affects people. This involves learning about different communication tips and how to show empathy.
By taking this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to be an advocate for inclusion and understanding in your community and you will be able to help create a kinder and more inclusive world for autistic people.
Course 4

Inclusive Interviewing

In this course, you will learn all about inclusive hiring practices and how to create a welcoming environment for diverse candidates. This involves gaining insights into addressing biases, understanding candidates’ backgrounds and improving communication skills. By taking this course you will gain the skills and knowledge to become instrumental in your organization’s hiring process.
Course 5

Supports & Accommodations

In this course, you will learn about creating inclusive workplaces and how to support neurodivergent individuals and colleagues with disabilities. This involves learning about handling disclosure sensitively, respectful conversations, universal design and confronting biases. By taking this course you will be able to make your workplace more inclusive and supportive for all employees.
Course 6

Empathy for Equity

In this course, you will learn about empathetic leadership and understanding the importance of empathy in creating fair workplaces for everyone. This involves learning how to communicate empathetically, overcome challenges and develop your empathy skills. By taking this course and prioritizing empathy you will be able to promote positive change in your organization and create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

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